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If you’re like most people, you aren’t eager to spend time thinking about what would happen if you became unable to direct your own medical care because of illness, an accident, or advanced age. However, if you don’t do at least a little bit of planning — writing down your wishes about the kinds of […]

Your health care directives — including your living will and power of attorney for health care — might be the most important estate planning documents you ever make. Giving your family clear, written direction about your end-of-life wishes can spare them anguish — and make sure you get the kind of care you want. With […]

The 4 legal documents every adult should have One part of being responsible to your family and friends is having the right legal documents in place to protect them if something happens to you. Most people procrastinate doing this because they think it’ll be expensive or time consuming–and, of course, preparing for tragedy isn’t cheery.…

Protect Your Children: Pick a Guardian NOW!

If you don’t have a Guardian selected for your children, you need one NOW!

There’s a very good reason why parents should select guardians. If you don’t, and something happens to you, a judge will pick the person who will act as parent to your surviving child. That is exactly why it’s better to be prepared than leave the all-important decision to strangers.

Fortunately, naming a guardian for your children doesn’t have to be a painful process. In fact, the hardest decision is often who to ask to fill that role. The process is easier than you may have thought it could be.

Choosing a Guardian

By law all minor children must be raised by adults. As a parent you are the natural guardian. In the event of your departure, a guardian becomes the parent. A guardian has the same rights and duties as a parent and will raise the child until the age of 18, referred to as the age of majority.

Although each state makes it own rules, guardians generally must be over the age of 18. Other factors parents might want to consider when choosing a guardian: Does the one you’re thinking of share your moral beliefs? Is the candidate physically able to do the job? Would the candidate raise your children as you would? Is the financial situation such that the guardian could afford to raise your children? Only you and your spouse can answer these important questions.

Naming Multiple Guardians

In most cases it’s better to name a single guardian for your children. Some people prefer to choose a guardian couple, such as a sibling and spouse. Keep in mind that if the couple divorces (and more than half of marriages do end in divorce), you will need to rename your guardian if, for example, you only want your blood relative to raise your child.

Should the Guardian Handle the Finances?

One of the most important things to consider is whether you want the same guardian to oversee both your child and the child’s finances. Since children cannot own property, a guardian must be named to manage the estate. You may choose the same person to care for your child and manage the finances or you might decide to choose two different people. For instance, you might name your sister as your minor child’s guardian but knowing she’s terrible at managing money, choose your brother to be in charge of the finances. That being said, it’s usually better to have the same person in charge of both your child and the finances.

Ask Before You Name Someone As a Guardian

This might seem obvious, but before naming anyone to be guardian of your minor child ask before you put it in writing. While you may think your best friend is the perfect person for the job, she might think otherwise. Likewise, your situation might change. The best friend who supported you when your children were young might not be interested now that they are all teenagers.

Protect your Loved Ones!

Got the Book?

Take the 30 Day Challenge: Get your crap together, so your Family won’t have to!

You have your choice of two options. Yup I’m Dead…Now What? or Yup I’m Dead…Now What? The Deluxe Edition.

What’s the difference? The Deluxe Edition contains the 30 Day Challenge along with additional forms, resources, shortcuts and tips. The regular version refers to the website to download these items.

  • Amazon is a tad quicker and convenient (if you have prime). I pretty much order everything from Amazon, so why would I not order my books, as well.
  • Barnes & Noble is just B&N (some prefer)
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Whichever option you choose, you just need to choose one! 

Don’t delay!

This is one of the most important things you can do for your Loved Ones.

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My Husband George and I were finally able to get our affairs in order due to your website and Book....




My Husband George and I were finally able to get our affairs in order due to your website and Book. I can't thank you enough. We had talked about it for years and didn't know where to start. We followed The 30 Day Challenge and finished in less than 30 days! Thanks again!


Holy Moly! This Book is just what I needed to get my crap together. My Family is thankful that they...




Holy Moly! This Book is just what I needed to get my crap together. My Family is thankful that they have my documents, plans and final wishes all in one place. Plus, I bought one for My Mother and used your guide to walk her through. Truly an invaluable gift for all!

Anabelle B.

Thank you for helping and nudging me to get my crap together. Love that you provide support and that I...




Thank you for helping and nudging me to get my crap together. Love that you provide support and that I can actually get in contact with you when I have questions.